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First Class Flurry

Starlink Airlines has gone bankrupt, but the new owner wants to bring it back to the top
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8 May 2008

Editor's review

As teenagers, we had several plans and schemes in our mind for our careers as we went out researching every option to gather suitable information on all the decided options. Different people had different choices for their long term jobs as it ranged from Customer relation management to medicine to sports or even entertainment. Further, every kind of job has its own pros and cons to measure and with a profession like Cabin Crew, life is more than simply the glamor of traveling the world and getting paid lucratively. It involves immense responsibility and includes active customer relations staying for their assistance and help whenever any trouble brewed up in the air. To have a firsthand experience, First Class Flurry 1.0 can be played easily that gives a virtual chance to become a flight attendant.

First Class Flurry 1.0 contains of some intuitive looking graphics and vibrantly colored screen and graphics where the main options were placed at the bottom and the player was required to serve the guests as the air hostess and take care of their needs. The basic premise of the game talks about the Starlink Airlines that is suffering from loss of business in recent times and must take the help of their best flight attendant to bring back the profits and market position. The player essays the role of Claire, the main protagonist and the top flight attendant that has to make sure the happiness of all customers and help them in having a wonderful flight experience. The player can customize the aircraft and perform varied actions to manage time and balance attention towards the customers.

To sum up, First Class Flurry works as useful and practical utility as it gives a close look at the air hostess profession and the challenges it comes with and hence gets a rating of 3.5 points for its utility value.

Publisher's description

Time management fun in the skies! Take on the job of a flight attendant and take care of passengers in this fast paced game.
Starlink Airlines has gone bankrupt, but the new owner wants to bring it back to the top of the airline business. Claire, the airline's top flight attendant needs your help in making sure every passenger has a wonderful flight!
* Be a flight attendant!
* Challenging time management action!
* Fly in Economy Class up to Royal First Class and beyond!
* Customize your planes!
First Class Flurry
First Class Flurry
Version 1.0
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this is a great game it can show you how much stress flight attendants can be under sometimes!
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